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Cisco OpenStack Installer is a packaged reference version of OpenStack provided by Cisco free of charge and as open source software for the community.

Read more about Cisco OpenStack Installer, or see below for specific information and installation instructions.

Send questions or comments about Cisco OpenStack Installer documentation, including this docwiki, to mailto://


Deploying OpenStack

Havana (latest release)

Grizzly (previous release)


Project Information

Related Installations and Setups

OpenShift Origin Automated Deployment Guide

OpenShift Origin Heat Deployment Guide

Load Balancing as a Service Setup Guide

OpenStack Build on VMs Guide

Installing Cisco Cloud Services Router for OpenStack VPN

Monitoring Architecture for the Cisco Edition

Curvature for OpenStack

Cisco Cloud Services Router (CSR) for OpenStack VPN Install Guide

Past Releases

More Grizzly Documentation

Ceph for Grizzly Installation Guide

OpenStack Grizzly Release Cisco Nexus Plugin Setup

Reference Architecture for OpenStack Grizzly with Red Hat RDO

Developing or Extending on Top of Cisco OpenStack Installer

Extending Cisco OpenStack Installer with the Puppet Model


Folsom Multi-Node Deployment Guide

Cisco OpenStack Edition - Folsom Manual Install

OpenStack Folsom single controller with multi-compute deployments

Configuring Cisco Quantum Plugin Framework in Folsom

UCS C2xx-M3 infrastructure reference


Essex Multi-Node High Availability Deployment Guide

OpenStack Essex All-in-One deployments

OpenStack Essex High-Availability Deployment Guide

OpenStack Essex Build Node Deployment Guide

Still More Past Release Documentation

Essex and Folsom Administrator, User, and Developer Guides

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