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[[OpenStack:Filing Bugs | Filing (and Finding) Bugs]]
[[OpenStack:Filing Bugs | Filing (and Finding) Bugs]]
[[Openstack:Getting_Started_with_COE_development | Developing or extending on top of Cisco OpenStack Installer]]
== Configuration  ==
== Configuration  ==

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Cisco is providing the community with a packaged version of the Openstack releases, including Folsom and Grizzly, with opensource components delivering additional service assurance functionality such as HA, monitoring, and Cisco enabled networking via Quantum.

Please post bug reports to Launchpad at


Cisco OpenStack Installer

The Cisco OpenStack Installer is a validated deployment based on Puppetlabs modules and the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS platform. This package is qualified with specific Cisco reference architectures. Included in the Cisco OpenStack Installer is a non-modified version of the OpenStack release, an open-source monitoring suite, and the necessary Puppet modules to deploy and manage Cisco OpenStack Installer on UCS/Nexus platforms.

The Cisco OpenStack Installer is based on the specified OpenStack release and is qualified on:

  • Ubuntu 12.04.01 LTS
  • KVM
  • Cisco UCS C-Series Servers
  • Cisco Nexus Switches

Included in the Cisco release are the following capabilities that have been configured and qualified:

  • Active/Active HA: Unlike most existing solutions which are active/standby, Cisco has utilized off the shelf open-source components to provide an active/active, highly-scalable model for OpenStack. The architecture provides high availability for critical OpenStack services such as: RabbitMQ, MySQL, and API endpoints. This model is functional for Essex and being ported and qualified for the Cisco OpenStack Installer.
  • Monitoring: A basic architecture to monitor the system processes and physical components using Collectd, Graphite, and Nagios is qualified for the Folsom OpenStack release. The Cisco OpenStack Installer provides the appropriate Puppet modules to enable this baseline monitoring model.
  • Quantum for Cisco components: In addition to contributing to Quantum in Folsom, Cisco has qualified Quantum with its Quantum Plugin for Cisco products. The Qualification covers the new v2 API interface in Folsom and enables users to replicate Nova-like functionality on UCS and Nexus platforms.

Installation (Cisco OpenStack Installer on Grizzly)

OpenStack Grizzly single controller with multiple compute nodes, optional Swift nodes

OpenStack Grizzly high availability manual installation

You can also get the Cisco OpenStack Installer Deployment Guide, Grizzly Release in PDF and EPUB from github

OpenStack Grizzly Release Cisco Nexus Plugin Setup

Installation (Cisco Edition on Folsom)

OpenStack Folsom single controller with multi-compute deployments

Cisco OpenStack Edition - Folsom Manual Install

Installation (Essex Release)

OpenStack Essex All-in-One deployments

OpenStack Essex High-Availability Deployment Guide

OpenStack Essex Build Node Deployment Guide

Installation (On VMs)

OpenStack build on VMs Guide


Administrative Documentation

Filing (and Finding) Bugs

Developing or extending on top of Cisco OpenStack Installer


Configuring Cisco Quantum Plugin Framework in Folsom

Reference Architecture

UCS C2xx-M3 infrastructure reference

Monitoring Architecture for the Cisco Edition

Reference Architecture for OpenStack Grizzly with Red Hat RDO

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