Object error during component activation

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(Object error during component activation)
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[[Category:Unified CCX, Release 8.0]]
[[Category:Unified CCX, Release 8.0]]
[[Category:Unified CCX, Release 8.5]]

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Object error during component activation

Problem Summary During setup, in component activation step for primary or secondary node, object error is seen
Error Message Object error is reported against the component during component activation
Possible Cause The activation request for the component activation timed out
Recommended Action

1. Terminate the browser session (instance). 2. Using a new browser session login once again and go through the setup steps. it is not required to upload the license again if the same was done the first time. 3. In component activation page, the activation for failed components would be re-tried

Release Release 8.0(1)
Associated CDETS #

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