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Impact Kind Data Needed Known Issue/Defect number/Version Initial Analysis to be performed
Dialer/Campaignmanager /Baimport Crash Minidump Corresponding log with the recommended trace levels.(link for trace setting) version less than 7.5(9) Campaignmanager crash when retrieveing the pending records with the below stacck 004157D3 025FFB2C CCmDoNotCall::compareItemRecords+1D

7C367DD 025FFB48 bsearch+40 00415862 025FFB6C CCmDoNotCall::searchForNumber+2B 004158CB 025FFB90 CCmDoNotCall::IsDoNotCallNumber+48 0040B9EC 025FFE40 CCmGetCall::SelectPendingZoneNumber+199 0040F28F 025FFE78 CCmGetCall::ActivateZoneCall+8D

Any particular scenario causing this?
Have the fix reproducible? Any changes done after this the crash seen?
ICM version with ES ET information installed on the machine.
dumpconf of dialer and campaignmanager config.(for details see the OO trouble shooting guide)
CPA related Dialer log, Campaignmanager log, the wave file which is recorded. In ICM prior to 7.5(9) we have a known issue in CPA, i.e premature tone detection and false voice clasification. This issue has been addressed as part of the fix CSCtf20881. The same is addressed in 7.2(7) ES and 7.5(9).
Reporting issue in Dialer Detail. Dialer Detail reporting guide(link attached) http://wwwin-eng.cisco.com/Eng/CCBU/Common/Projects/Colvin_7.2/SW_Specs/DialerDetailFS.doc
Personal Callback and Callback realated questions For PCB prioritation in case of more one agent belongs to multiple Campaign we have a known issue. For more details please go thruogh the defect CSCte67840.
Agent stuck in issue. As part of fake reservation call enchancement in 7.5(6) eapim, there is a race condition happened between the components PIM, OPC,Dialer,CTIOS clients. It has different symptom depend on the CTIOS client type.Due The fix ES 32 in IPCC PG should resolve the issue.

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