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Generic Information

1. Opc trace levels are set using opctest and for any issues, the normal trace flags which are expected are >>>>> debug /routing /closedcalls /cstacer /calls
2. Version Information. Peripheral Type (TDM or IPCC), ES/ET patches installed, Third Party Integration
3. Was this reported earlier ? New issue or regression ?
4. Clear Business Impact. (like Routing, Reporting, Billing etc..)
5. Lab or Production. Does customer have a lab?
6. TimeStamps, Call ID, Agent ID whatever applicable with Call Flow, References
7. If it’s a Parent Child Deployment Need Logs For ACMI PIM, CTISVR, EAPIM. Please refer to other sheets for their trace levels

Impact Kind Data Needed Details Required Initial Analysis to be performed
OPC Crash Minidump OPC matching Logs, exe, pdb, mdmp files from Customer site Logs should match Time frame
If ICM version is greater than 7.2(5) and 7.5(1) Release then OPC capture files. http://zed.cisco.com/confluence/display/CCBUKB/OPC+Capture+Collection The OPC caps folder should having the matching OPCConfig and OPCData cap files
TOPIC Search on the Stack Address Frame
Initial Log Analysis
Frequency of the crash
Reporting Issues Is this a Custom Report ? If yes, DE would not be able to assist, then they have to contact AS Team for further assistance.
Unless this is not a production system, we require OPC messages with default tracing plus /realtime. **Please note that this would increase the load and affect the performance if left for production. DE would recommend to have this enabled only for problematic scnearios, timeframes (unless its a production) and turn this trace off immediately The Table and the record information in the OPC traces using realtime and cross check if they matches it to the logs
Export of the Reports and the corresponding tables ..(eg. TCD, RCD, ASGHH, SGHH…etc) Timeframe of the reported event, data in report and compare it with the OPC logs
If an export is not available then a screenshot of the window of the affected report. Most of the time we require a report export dump, but under certain cases we can use a webex to verify and get their snapshot for our further investigation
If it is something to do with Half Hour Reports then debug must include /halfhour Most of the time we require a report export dump, but under certain cases we can use a webex to verify and get their snapshot for our further investigation
TOPIC Search on the keywords

Impact Kind Information Required
Failover Related Was Initial Network Health Check has been performed like . A. Link (Public, Private), B.Connectivity, C. Speed etc.
Is there any visible error noted in the Application or System Event Viewer during the problem scenario.
Schematic Diagram of the customer's Duplex Setup, Customer's Registry Dump from the PG Box.
Collect and verify the 'status' command output from OPCTest to check the status of various ICM components and any synchronisation issues.
OPC, MDS logs (with /bin option) and Node Manager logs for both the sides. Initial verification from logs if the OPC was in Sync before it failed over.
Desktop Related Is it a standard CTIOS Desktop
Verification of the sequence of messages to be same across OPC, CTIServer and CTIOS from their respective logs
Is this Regression (worked in any previous branches ?)

Issues with respect to Functionality

Impact Kind Data Needed
a. NCT, NBT related OPC logs, Caps (for versions >7.2(7) )
Opc initial tracing for log analysis must include debug /cstacer /agent /calls /closedcalls /routing /nct
Call Scenario
Is this Regression (worked in any previous version)
b. VRU related OPC logs, Caps (for versions >7.2(7) )
OPC initial tracing for log analysis must include debug /cstacer /agent /calls /closedcalls /routing /simplified
c. Wrap Up Related WrapUp related issues may be eitherways from OPC to CTI or from CTI to OPC, we would need the default tracing plus the /tpmsg for any missed wrapup details
Has been analysed from CTIOS team perspective if the issue has something to do with wrap-up data mismatch between CTI desktop and Agent Reports ?
If it’s a parent child deployment, and if there are any wrapUp information mismatch seen there, the complete ACMI PG Logs along with Child PG,CG CTIOS logs is required. For further ACMI PG tracing please refer other pages in the same excel sheet

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