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This chapter provides disconnect (DISC) commands for the Cisco ONS 15454, Cisco ONS 15310-MA, and Cisco ONS 15600.



(Cisco ONS 15454, ONS 15310-MA, and ONS 15600) The Disconnect Test Access (DISC-TACC) command disconnects the test access point (TAP) and puts the connection back to its original state (no splits). For more information on test access (TACC), refer to the Cisco ONS SONET TL1 Reference Guide.

Usage Guidelines

For this command to be applicable, you must first create the TAP using the ED-<MOD_PATH> command.

Note: If you send this command to an already disconnected TAP connection, an SADC error message is returned.

Note: If the system cannot release TAP, an SRTN error message is returned.


Troubleshooting and Test Access



Input Format


Input Example


Input Parameters


The test access point number. The TAP number must be an integer with a range of 1 to 999. String

Note: This command only supports disconnecting one TAP at a time.

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