Node 2 CTI ports removal failed during restore

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Node 2 CTI ports removal failed during restore

Problem Summary Node 2 CTI Ports are not removed during restore on Unified CCX 8.0(1).
Error Message Failed to remove CTI Ports for 2nd Node from Cisco Unified CM.
Possible Cause Some problem occured while deleting Node2 CTI Ports from Cisco Unified CM during restore on Unified CCX 8.0(1) system.
Recommended Action Perform the following to manually remove the Node 2 CTI ports from Cisco Unified CM:

Step 1 Delete phones by choosing Device > Phone page.

Step 2 Delete each port by choosing Call Routing > Route Plan Report page. Since this page does not provide an option to delete all of such ports together, you should manually delete each port by accessing the configuration page of that particular port. After deleting each port, you will be redirected to the Phone page so that you repeat this step to delete the next port.

Step 3 Re-run the restore operation from beginning.

Release Release 8.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None.

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