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Scope of the Documentation Wiki

Think of this Wiki as an exclusive repository for Cisco Unified Presence troubleshooting information - Known Issues and Configuration Examples specifically. So whether you need to find information or share information about a Known Issue or Configuration on Cisco Unified Presence, this is where to come!

Our intention is for this Wiki to supplement the documentation (guides) for Cisco Unified Presence that reside here on - where you've always found it:

To find a topic in the Documentation Wiki, do one of these things:

  • For a Known Issue, click Troubleshooting: Known Issues and select a Cisco Unified Presence component and then the topic that interests you from the list of topics.
    • You can also search for a topic by typing a keyword in the search box at the bottom of this page and click Search.
  • For a Configuration Example, click Configuration Examples and select the topic you want from the list of topics.

Our Wiki is not read-only! We encourage you to share information and edit or add content to these pages as we explain below.

How to Contribute Information to the Documentation Wiki

We welcome all contributions to the Cisco Unified Presence documentation wiki! If you wish to contribute, read the guidelines below:

  • All registered Cisco customers, partners, and employees can edit or add content to DocWiki. Simply sign in to Cisco DocWiki using your CCO login and start writing! If you need to, register with
But don’t fret too much about formatting your content. If you add the content, we will tidy it up for you! We moderate the wiki regularly and we are informed of all updates.

If you wish to learn or practice entering Wiki markup in a Test environment, please go to the CUP DocWiki Sandbox. Only use this wiki to present new or improved information to others the public domain.

How to Generate PDFs from the Documentation Wiki

Want to print multiple DocWiki articles at once in a PDF document? Go here: Generating a PDF of Cisco Unified Presence Articles

How to Give Us Your Feedback

Our aim is to create a collaborative Wiki environment that emphasizes content, convenience, and accessibility - and engages you!

We are continuously working to improve the Documentation Wiki to better serve your needs. Feel free to tell us how to do things better - we really welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Drop a line to us here: docwiki-cup-moderator.

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