Network Management Configuration Example for Ciscoworks LMS Syslog Configuration via GUI

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It has been noticed that the most basic issues seen with the Ciscoworks LMS on its Syslog configuration is because its basic Architecture is not known. This document is intended to give a brief introduction on LMS Syslog Configuration and Architecture for effective Syslog Management using Ciscoworks RME.


File:File:///C:/Documents and Settings/vinarya/Desktop/syslog cycle.JPG


Related Information

This section provides information you can use to confirm your configuration is working properly.

More detailed information on the Syslog Configuration can be gathered from the ciscoworks User Guide from [1] and the on Syslog Troubleshooting from [2] .

You can check if the Syslog Collector is subscribed and is showing the Syslog Messages as forwarded and try generating a 24 hour report from Ciscoworks on Syslog.

Related Information

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