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NetFlow Home Page
Welcome to NetFlow DocWiki.

Cisco IOS NetFlow efficiently provides a key set of services for IP applications, including network traffic accounting, usage-based network billing, network planning, security, Denial of Service monitoring capabilities, and network monitoring. NetFlow provides valuable information about network users and applications, peak usage times, and traffic routing. Cisco invented NetFlow and is the leader in IP traffic flow technology.
NetFlow version 9, the latest Cisco IOS NetFlow innovation, is a flexible and extensible method to record network performance data. It is the basis of a new IETF standard. Cisco is currently working with a number of partners to provide customers with comprehensive solutions for NetFlow-based, planning, monitoring and billing.

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NetFlow Child Pages

!!!!!!!!! DRAFT !!!!!!!!!!!!

Name Identifier Data Type Semantics Status
IN_BYTES 1 unsigned64 quantity current
IN_PKTS 2 unsigned64 quantity current
deltaFlowCount 3 unsigned64 quantity current
protocolIdentifier 4 unsigned8 identifier current
SRC_TOS 5 unsigned8 flags current
TCP_FLAGS 6 unsigned8 flags current
L4_SRC_PORT 7 unsigned16 identifier current
IPV4_SRC_ADDR 8 ipv4Address ipv4Address current
SRC_MASK 9 unsigned8 mask current
INPUT_SNMP 10 unsigned32 identifier current
L4_DST_PORT 11 unsigned16 identifier current
IPV4_DST_ADDR 12 ipv4Address ipv4Address current
DST_MASK 13 unsigned8 mask current
OUTPUT_SNMP 14 unsigned32 identifier current
IPV4_NEXT_HOP 15 ipv4Address ipv4Address current
SRC_AS 16 unsigned16 identifier current
DST_AS 17 unsigned16 identifier current
BGP_IPV4_NEXT_HOP 18 ipv4Address ipv4Address current
MUL_DST_PKTS 19 unsigned64 totalCounter current
MUL_DST_BYTES 20 unsigned64 totalCounter current
LAST_SWITCHED 21 unsigned32 quantity current
FIRST_SWITCHED 22 unsigned32 quantity current
OUT_BYTES 23 unsigned64 totalCounter current
OUT_PKTS 24 unsigned64 totalCounter current
MIN_PKT_LNGTH 25 unsigned64 quantity current
MAX_PKT_LNGTH 26 unsigned64 quantity current
IPV6_SRC_ADDR 27 ipv6Address ipv6Address current
IPV6_DST_ADDR 28 ipv6Address ipv6Address current
IPV6_SRC_MASK 29 unsigned8 mask current
IPV6_DST_MASK 30 unsigned8 mask current
IPV6_FLOW_LABEL 31 unsigned32 identifier current
ICMP_TYPE_CODE 32 unsigned16 identifier current
MUL_IGMP_TYPE 33 unsigned8 identifier current
samplingInterval 34 unsigned32 quantity deprecated
samplingAlgorithm 35 unsigned8 identifier deprecated
engineType 38 unsigned8 identifier deprecated
engineId 39 unsigned8 identifier deprecated
ipv4RouterSc 43 ipv4Address ipv4Address deprecated
samplerId 48 unsigned8 identifier deprecated
samplerMode 49 unsigned8 identifier deprecated
samplerRandomInterval 50 unsigned32 quantity deprecated
classId 51 unsigned8 identifier deprecated
MIN_TTL 52 unsigned8 identifier current
MAX_TTL 53 unsigned8 identifier current
IPV4_IDENT 54 ipv4Address ipv4Address current
DST_TOS 55 unsigned8 ipv4Address current
IN_SRC_MAC 56 macAddress macAddress current
OUT_DST_MAC 57 macAddress macAddress current
SRC_VLAN 58 unsigned16 identifier current
DST_VLAN 59 unsigned16 identifier current
IP_PROTOCOL_VERSION 60 unsigned8 identifier current
DIRECTION 61 unsigned8 identifier current
IPV6_NEXT_HOP 62 ipv6Address ipv6Address current
BGP_IPV6_NEXT_HOP 63 ipv6Address ipv6Address current
IPV6_OPTION_HEADERS 64 unsigned32 current
PACKET_LOSS 65 unsigned32 current
UNREACHABILITY 66 unsigned32 current
LATENCY 67 unsigned32 current
DATA_POINTS 68 unsigned32 current
VARIANCE 69 unsigned32 current
MPLS_LABEL_1 70 unsigned24 current
MPLS_LABEL_2 71 unsigned24 current
MPLS_LABEL_3 72 unsigned24 current
MPLS_LABEL_4 73 unsigned24 current
MPLS_LABEL_5 74 unsigned24 current
MPLS_LABEL_6 75 unsigned24 current
MPLS_LABEL_7 76 unsigned24 current
MPLS_LABEL_8 77 unsigned24 current
MPLS_LABEL_9 78 unsigned24 current
MPLS_LABEL_10 79 unsigned24 current
IN_DST_MAC 80 macAddress macAddress current
OUT_SRC_MAC 81 macAddress macAddress current
IF_NAME 82 string name current
IF_DESC 83 string name current
samplerName 84 string deprecated
IN_PERMANENT_BYTES 85 unsigned64 deprecated
IN_PERMANENT_PKTS 86 unsigned64 deprecated
FRAGMENT_OFFSET 88 unsigned16 identifier deprecated
forwardingStatus 89 unsigned32 identifier current
MPLS_PAL_RD 90 octetArray identifier current
MPLS_PREFIX_LEN 91 unsigned8 current
srcTrafficIndex 92 unsigned32 identifier current
dstTrafficIndex 93 TBD identifier current
applicationDescription 94 string name current
applicationId 95 octetArray identifier current
applicationName 96 string name current
postipDiffServCodePoint 98 unsigned8 current
replicationFactor 99 unsigned32 current
className 100 string deprecated
layer2packetSectionOffset 102 unsigned16 quantity current
layer2packetSectionSize 103 unsigned16 quantity current
layer2packetSectionData 104 octetArray current
rangeEnd 111 unsigned64 description current
scTag 32769 unsigned32 identifier current
scTrafficProcessorId 32770 unsigned8 identifier current
scSourceIpSample 32771 unsigned8 identifier current
scDestinationIpSample 32772 unsigned8 identifier current
scFlowContextId 32773 unsigned32 identifier current
scSubscriberId 32774 string64 name current
PolicyID (was scPackageId) 32775 unsigned16 identifier current
scServiceId 32776 unsigned32 identifier current
scProtocolId 32777 unsigned16 identifier current
scSkipppedSessions 32778 unsigned32 quantity current
scInitiatingSide 32779 unsigned8 flags current
scReportTime 32780 unsigned32 quantity current
scTransactionDurationMillisec 32781 unsigned32 quantity current
scTimeFrame 32782 unsigned8 flags current
scSessionUpstreamVolume 32783 unsigned32 quantity current
scSessionDownstreamVolume 32784 unsigned32 quantity current
scProtocolSignature 32785 unsigned32 identifier current
scZoneId 32786 unsigned32 identifier current
scFlavorId 32787 unsigned32 identifier current
scFlowCloseMode 32788 unsigned8 flags current
scAccessString 32789 string name current
scInfoString 32790 string name current
scClientPort 32791 unsigned16 identifier current
scServerPort 32792 unsigned16 identifier current
scSubscriberCounterId 32793 unsigned16 totalCounter current
scServiceUsageCounterId 32794 unsigned16 totalCounter current
scBreachState 32795 unsigned8 flags current
scReason 32796 unsigned8 flags current
scConfiguredDuration 32797 unsigned32 quantity current
scDuration 32798 unsigned32 quantity current
scEndTime 32799 unsigned32 quantity current
scUpstreamVolume 32800 unsigned32 quantity current
scDownstreamVolume 32801 unsigned32 quantity current
scSessions 32802 unsigned16 quantity current
scSeconds 32803 unsigned16 quantity current
scPackageCounterId 32804 unsigned16 identifier current
scGeneratorId 32805 unsigned8 identifier current
scServiceGlobalCounterId 32806 unsigned16 identifier current
scConcurrentSessions 32807 unsigned32 quantity current
scActiveSubscribers 32808 unsigned32 quantity current
scTotalActiveSubscribers 32809 unsigned32 quantity current
linkId 32810 unsigned8 identifier current
scVirtualLinkId 32811 unsigned16 identifier current
scVirtualLinkDirection 32812 unsigned8 identifier current
scAggregationObjectId 32813 unsigned16 identifier current
scVendorId 32814 unsigned32 identifier current
scUpstreamPacketLoss 32815 unsigned16 quantity current
scDownstreamPacketLoss 32816 unsigned16 quantity current
scAttackId 32819 unsigned32 identifier current
scAttackIp 32820 ipv4Address ipv4Address current
scAttackOtherIp 32821 ipv4Address ipv4Address current
scAttackPortNumber 32822 unsigned16 identifier current
scAttackType 32823 unsigned32 identifier current
scAttackSide 32824 unsigned8 flags current
scAttackIpProtocol 32825 unsigned8 flags current
scAttacks 32826 unsigned8 flags current
scAttackMaliciousSessions 32827 unsigned32 quantity current
scUserAgent 32828 string64 name current
scHttpUrl 32829 string64 name current
scSipDomain 32830 string64 name current
scSipUserAgent 32831 string64 name current
scFlowStart 32832 unsigned32 quantity current
scFlowType 32833 unsigned8 flags current
scSessionId 32834 unsigned32 identifier current
scUpstreamJitter 32835 unsigned32 quantity current
scDownstreamJitter 32836 unsigned32 quantity current
scUpstreamPayloadType 32837 unsigned8 identifier current
scDownstreamPayloadType 32838 unsigned8 identifier current
scUpstreamAverageJitter 32839 unsigned32 quantity current
scDownstreamAverageJitter 32840 unsigned32 quantity current
scCallDestination 32841 string64 name current
scCallSource 32842 string64 name current
scCallType 32843 unsigned8 flags current
scMediaChannels 32844 unsigned8 quantity current
scBlockReason 32845 unsigned8 flags current
scBlockRdrCount 32846 unsigned32 quantity current
scBlockRdrCount 32847 unsigned8 flags current
CNT_PKTS_DROP 37000 unsigned64 totalCounter current
CNT_PKTS_DROP_PERM 37001 unsigned64 totalCounter current
CNT_PKTS_RATE 37002 unsigned32 totalCounter current
CNT_BYTE_RATE 37003 unsigned32 totalCounter current
MEDIA_CNT_BYTES 37004 unsigned64 totalCounter current
MEDIA_CNT_BYTES_PERM 37005 unsigned64 totalCounter current
MEDIA_BYTE_RATE 37006 unsigned64 quantity current
MEDIA_CNT_PKTS 37007 unsigned64 deltaCounter current
MEDIA_CNT_PKTS_PERM 37008 unsigned64 totalCounter current
MEDIA_PKTS_RATE 37009 unsigned32 totalCounter current
MEDIA_PKTS_RATE_VAR 37010 unsigned32 totalCounter current
MEDIA_EVENT 37011 unsigned8 flags current
[TBD] 37012 unsigned8 flags current
monitorStartTime 37013 unsigned64 [TBD] quantity current
TRANS_PKTS_EXPECT 37014 unsigned64 totalCounter current
TRANS_PKTS_EXPECT_PERM 37015 unsigned64 totalCounter current
TRANS_RTT 37016 unsigned32 quantity current
TRANS_EVENT_PKT_LOST_CNT 37017 unsigned32 totalCounter current
AVG_SEQ_DISC_LEN 37018 unsigned32 quantity current
TRANS_PKTS_LOST 37019 unsigned64 deltaCounter current
TRANS_PKTS_LOST_PERM 37020 unsigned64 totalCounter current
TRANS_PKTS_LOST_RATE 37021 unsigned32 totalCounter current
RTP_SSRC 37022 unsigned32 identifier current
RTP_JITTER 37023 unsigned32 quantity current
RTP_JITTER_MIN 37024 unsigned32 quantity current
RTP_JITTER_MAX 37025 unsigned32 quantity current
counterFlow 37026 unsigned32 totalCounter current
MISC_UNSUPPORTED 37027 unsigned16 quantity current
CNT_BYTES_RATE_FLOW 37028 unsigned32 totalCounter current
CNT_BYTES_RATE_FLOW_MIN 37029 unsigned32 totalCounter current
CNT_BYTES_RATE_FLOW_MAX 37030 unsigned32 totalCounter current
CNT_PKTS_RATE_FLOW 37031 unsigned32 totalCounter current
CNT_PKTS_RATE_FLOW_MIN 37032 unsigned32 totalCounter current
CNT_PKTS_RATE_FLOW_MAX 37033 unsigned32 totalCounter current
applicationMediaBytesRatePerFlow 37034 unsigned32 totalCounter current
applicationMediaBytesRatePerFlowMin 37035 unsigned32 totalCounter current
applicationMediaBytesRatePerFlowMax 37036 unsigned32 totalCounter current
RTP_SEQ_CYCLE_COUNT 37037 unsigned32 quantity current
application media packets rate variation min 37038 unsigned32 quantity current
application media packets rate variation max 37039 unsigned32 quantity current
transport rtp flow count 37040 unsigned32 quantity current
transport rtp payload type 37041 unsigned8 flags current
transport packets lost counter min 37042 unsigned32 totalCounter current
transport packets lost counter max 37043 unsigned32 totalCounter current
transport event packet-loss counter min 37044 unsigned32 totalCounter current
transport event packet-loss counter max 37045 unsigned32 totalCounter current
RTP_SEQ_RESYNC_COUNT 37046 unsigned32 quantity current
transport packets lost rate min 37047 unsigned32 quantity current
transport packets lost rate max 37048 unsigned32 quantity current
transport tcp flow count 37049 unsigned32 totalCounter current
transport round-trip-time sum 37050 unsigned64 quantity current
transport round-trip-time samples 37051 unsigned32 quantity current
transport round-trip-time min 37052 unsigned32 quantity current
transport round-trip-time max 37053 unsigned32 quantity current
Global session ID 37054 string24 name current
Multi-party-session ID 37055 string16 name current
Clock frequency 37056 unsigned32 quantity current
monitor end time 37057 unsigned32 quantity deprecated
Transport packets out-of-ordered counter 37058 unsigned32 quantity current
SERVER_RESPONSE_TIME_AVG 37059 unsigned32 quantity current
REFUSED_SESSION 37060 unsigned32 quantity current
CLIENT_NETWORK_DELAY_AVG 37061 unsigned32 quantity current
SERVER_NETWORK_DELAY_AVG 37062 unsigned32 quantity current
NETWORK_DELAY_AVG 37063 unsigned32 quantity current
APPLICATION_DELAY_AVG 37064 unsigned32 quantity current
SESSION_TIME_MIN 37065 unsigned32 quantity current
SESSION_TIME_MAX 37066 unsigned32 quantity current
SESSION_TIME_AVG 37067 unsigned32 quantity current
TRANSACTION_TIME_AVG 37068 unsigned32 quantity current
CLOSED_SESSIONS 37069 unsigned32 quantity current
RETRANSMISSION 37070 unsigned32 quantity current
OUTOFORDER_BYTES 37071 unsigned64 quantity current
CLIENT_THROUGHPUT_AVG 37072 unsigned32 quantity current
UNRESPONSIVE_SESSION 37073 unsigned32 quantity current
OUTOFORDER_PACKETS 37074 unsigned32 quantity current
V4_SRC_OBSERVATION_NODE 37075 ipv4Address ipv4Address current
V4_DST_OBSERVATION_NODE 37076 ipv4Address ipv4Address current
V6_SRC_OBSERVATION_NODE 37077 ipv6Address ipv6Address current
V6_DST_OBSERVATION_NODE 37078 ipv6Address ipv6Address current
ONE_WAY_DELAY_SUM 37079 unsigned64 quantity current
ONE_WAY_DELAY_SAMPLES 37080 unsigned32 quantity current
ONE_WAY_DELAY 37081 unsigned32 quantity current
PACKET_ARRIVAL_TIMESTAMP 37082 unsigned64 quantity current
TCP_WINDOW_SIZE_MIN 37083 unsigned32 quantity current
TCP_WINDOW_SIZE_MAX 37084 unsigned32 quantity current
TCP_WINDOW_SIZE_AVG 37085 unsigned32 quantity current
TCP_MAXIMUM_SEGMENT_SIZE 37086 unsigned16 quantity current
RTP_INVALLID_SEQ_COUNT 37087 unsigned32 quantity current
LOW_UNAVAILABILITY_MILLISECONDS 37088 unsigned32 quantity current
MID_PID 37089 unsigned16 quantity current
METRIC_TYPE 37090 unsigned8 quantity current
TCP_WINDOW_SIZE_SUM 37091 unsigned64 quantity current
TIME_INTERVAL_END 37092 unsigned64 quantity current
RTP_JITTER_MEAN_SUM 37093 unsigned64 quantity current
MEDIA_CNT_PKTS_RATE_VAR_SUM 37094 unsigned64 quantity current
TCP_WINDOW_SIZE_AVG_SUM 37095 unsigned32 quantity current
vqmMostRecentResolutionWidth 37500 unsigned16 totalCounter current
vdsDisplayProtocol 38000 unsigned16 totalCounter current
IPV4_BR_ADDR 39000 ipv4Address ipv4Address current
PFR_STATUS 39001 unsigned16 ipv4Address current
REASON_ID 39002 unsigned32 flags current
Threshold 39003 unsigned32 flags current
Priority 39004 unsigned16 quantity current
shortTermRTT 39005 unsigned32 quantity current
longTermRTT 39006 unsigned32 quantity current
BelowMOSPercentage 39007 unsigned32 quantity current
RSVPBandWidthPool 39008 unsigned64 quantity current
RollupCounter 39009 unsigned16 quantity current
BandWidthPercentage 39010 unsigned16 quantity current
BandWidthFee 39011 unsigned32 quantity current
L4_SRC_PORT_MIN 39012 unsigned16 quantity current
L4_SRC_PORT_MAX 39013 unsigned16 quantity current
L4_DST_PORT_MIN 39014 unsigned16 quantity current
L4_DST_PORT_MAX 39015 unsigned16 quantity current
CAPACITY 39016 unsigned64 quantity current
INGRESS_BW 39017 unsigned64 quantity current
MAX_INGRESS_BW 39018 unsigned64 quantity current
EGRESS_BW 39019 unsigned64 quantity current
MAX_EGRESS_BW 39020 unsigned64 quantity current
INGRESS_ROLLUP_BW 39021 unsigned64 quantity current
EGRESS_ROLLUP_BW 39022 unsigned64 quantity current
KTH_ROLLUP_BW 39023 unsigned64 quantity current
LINK_GROUP_NAME 39024 string name current
BGP_COMMUNITY 39025 unsigned32 name current
BGP_PREPEND 39026 unsigned8 quantity current
ENTRANCE_DOWNGRADE 39027 unsigned8 quantity current
DISCARD_ROLLUP_COUNT 39028 unsigned32 quantity current
servicesPfrClassTagId 39029 unsigned32 identifier current
servicesPfrMcId 39030 unsigned32 identifier current
translatedDstPort 40005 unsigned16 identifier deprecated
namDataSrc 42001 unsigned32 identifier current
srcSite 42002 unsigned32 identifier current
dstSite 42003 unsigned32 identifier current
serverSite 42004 unsigned32 identifier current
clientSite 42005 unsigned32 identifier current
Unused 42006 current
serverIPv4Address 42007 ipv4Address ipv4Address current
clientIPv4Address 42008 ipv4Address ipv4Address current
Unused 42009 current
netEncap 42010 unsigned32 default current
serverIPv6Address 42011 ipv6Address ipv6Address current
clientIPv6Address 42012 ipv6Address ipv6Address current
namSrcDeviceId 42013 unsigned32 identifier current
namSrcDeviceIPv4Address 42014 ipv4Address ipv4Address current
namSrcDeviceIPv6Address 42015 ipv6Address ipv6Address current
siteName 42016 string name current
siteDescription 42017 string name current
unused 42018 current
unused 42019 current
waasOptimizationSegment 42020 unsigned8 default current
waasPassThroughReason 42021 unsigned8 flags current
unused 42022 current
unused 42023 current
unused 42024 current
unused 42025 current
unused 42026 current
unused 42027 current
unused 42028 current
unused 42029 current
unused 42030 current
unused 42031 current
unused 42032 current
initiatorPackets 42033 unsigned64 totalCounter current
responderPackets 42034 unsigned64 totalCounter current
retransOctets 42035 unsigned32 deltaCounter current
retransPackets 42036 unsigned32 deltaCounter current
unused 42037 current
unused 42038 current
unused 42039 current
transactionCountDelta 42040 unsigned32 deltaCounter current
sumTransactionTime 42041 unsigned32 totalCounter current
maxTransactionTime 42042 unsigned32 quantity current
minTransactionTime 42043 unsigned32 quantity current
sumDataTransmissionTime 42044 unsigned32 quantity current
sumDataRetransmissionTime 42045 unsigned32 quantity current
unused 42046 current
unused 42047 current
unused 42048 current
unused 42049 current
newConnectionsCountDelta 42050 unsigned32 quantity current
completedConnectionsCountDelta 42051 unsigned32 quantity current
refusedConnectionsCountDelta 42052 unsigned32 quantity current
unrespConnectionsCountDelta 42053 unsigned32 quantity current
sumSessionDuration 42054 unsigned32 quantity current
unused 42055 current
unused 42056 current
unused 42057 current
unused 42058 current
unused 42059 current
numRespsCountDelta 42060 unsigned32 quantity current
numResps1CountDelta 42061 unsigned32 quantity current
numResps2CountDelta 42062 unsigned32 quantity current
numResps3CountDelta 42063 unsigned32 quantity current
numResps4CountDelta 42064 unsigned32 quantity current
numResps5CountDelta 42065 unsigned32 quantity current
numResps6CountDelta 42066 unsigned32 quantity current
numResps7CountDelta 42067 unsigned32 quantity current
numLateRespsCountDelta 42068 unsigned32 quantity current
unused 42069 current
unused 42070 current
sumRespTime 42071 unsigned32 quantity current
maxRespTime 42072 unsigned32 quantity current
minRespTime 42073 unsigned32 quantity current
sumServerRespTime 42074 unsigned32 quantity current
maxServerRespTime 42075 unsigned32 quantity current
minServerRespTime 42076 unsigned32 quantity current
sumTotalRespTime 42077 unsigned32 quantity current
maxTotalRespTime 42078 unsigned32 quantity current
minTotalRespTime 42079 unsigned32 quantity current
unused 42080 quantity current
sumNwkTime 42081 unsigned32 quantity current
maxNwkTime 42082 unsigned32 quantity current
minNwkTime 42083 unsigned32 quantity current
sumClientNwkTime 42084 unsigned32 quantity current
maxClientNwkTime 42085 unsigned32 quantity current
minClientNwkTime 42086 unsigned32 quantity current
sumServerNwkTime 42087 unsigned32 quantity current
maxServerNwkTime 42088 unsigned32 quantity current
minServerNwkTime 42089 unsigned32 quantity current
numRoundtripsDeltaCount 42090 unsigned32 quantity current
numRoundtripsDeltaCount 42091 unsigned32 quantity current
unused 42092 current
unused 42093 current
unused 42094 current
unused 42095 current
unused 42096 current
unused 42097 current
unused 42098 current
unused 42099 current
unused 42100 current
rtpSsrc 42101 unsigned32 quantity current
rtpPayloadType 42102 unsigned8 quantity current
rtpCodec 42103 unsigned32 quantity current
unused 42104 current
unused 42105 current
unused 42106 current
unused 42107 current
unused 42108 current
unused 42109 current
unused 42110 current
unused 42111 current
rtpDuration 42112 unsigned32 quantity current
rtpAvgMos100 42113 unsigned32 quantity current
unused 42114 current
rtpWorstMos100 42115 unsigned32 quantity current
rtpActualPacketLoss 42116 unsigned32 quantity current
rtpAdjPacketLoss 42117 unsigned32 quantity current
rtpJitter100 42118 unsigned32 quantity current
rtpSoc 42119 unsigned32 quantity current
rtpSsc 42120 unsigned32 quantity current
rtpMaxPktLoss 42121 unsigned32 quantity current
rtpPktToJitter100 42122 unsigned32 quantity current
rtpMosQuality 42123 unsigned32 quantity current
rtpConnCountTotal 42124 unsigned32 quantity current
httpUriHits 42125 string name current
packetIntervalTimeHistogram 42126 unsigned64 * N quantity current
packetIntervalTimeHistogramRevers 42127 unsigned64 * N quantity current
queueIndex 42128 unsigned32 identifier current
queueDrops 42129 unsigned64 quantity current
category 45000 TBD identifier current
subCategory 45001 TBD identifier current
applicationGroup 45002 string identifier current
subApplicationValue 45003 string identifier current
initiatorAddressIPv4 45004 ipv4Address ipv4Address current
responderAddressIPv4 45005 ipv4Address ipv4Address current
initiatorAddressIPv6 45006 ipv6Address ipv6Address current
responderAddressIPv6 45007 ipv6Address ipv6Address current
initiatorTransportPort 45008 unsigned16 identifier current
responderTransportPort 45009 unsigned16 identifier current

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