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Preliminary Checklist 1. Check with the Customer to understand if any changes/upgrades were done before a problem was seen. If any, complete details to be provided by the customer.

2. Check if all the registry parameters related to the scenario are conforming with the values specified in the Customer facing documents 3. Analyze the logs thoroughly to check if the problem is seen due to any public or private network issues. 4. Do a topic search to check if any past cases/defects will help resolving this issue. 5. Is the NIC setup a duplex or a simplex one? If it is a duplex, is the problem seen on both the sides if the calls were being sent to both the sides and if not, and then check to see if any private network problems could have caused the issue. 6. Enable correct trace levels for NIC to log the required messages for the problem. 7. If the NIC being used is SS7InNic, the required traces levels are to be set using ss7nictrace tool. The tool can be opened by giving "ss7nictrace" at the "Start->Run" prompt.

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