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Snapshot Device Request causes error

Problem Summary Snapshot Device Request fails with error
Error Message PeripheralErrorCode=0x2799(10137)
Possible Cause Before Release 8.0, the OPC handled CSTASnapshotDevice requests by checking its internal memory for data on the target phone. The OPC responded with a CSTASnapshotDeviceConfEvent. However, the OPC could get out of synch and have inaccurate data in its internal memory.

Release 8.0 changed this behavior by adding processing for CSTA_SNAPSHOT_DEVICE_REQ to the PIM. The OPC forwards CSTASnapshotDevice requests to the PIM. The PIM responds with the CSTA_SNAPSHOT_DEVICE_CONF message. The new behavior does not return any data unless an agent is signed in on the target phone.

Recommended Action Take the new behavior into account when using Snapshot Device Requests in your applications.
Release Unified Contact Center Enterprise 8.0 and higher
Associated CDETS # CSCui51440

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