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SVN Source Code Links

1. Assurance SVN :

2. CPC SVN  :

3. Post FCS Patch Branch:

4. Snapshot Tag: Do NOT modify anything, it is a snapshot for historical record.


1. Dev PHC :


Tool to check Phc lacks:

2. My Close Bugs CDETS NG :[Engineer]%20=%20%27mokader%27%20AND%20%28[Status]%20=%20%27M%27%20OR%20[Status]%20=%20%27R%27%20OR%20[Status]%20=%20%27V%27%20OR%20[Status]%20=%20%27P%27%20OR%20[Status]%20=%20%27C%27%20OR%20[Status]%20=%20%27J%27%20OR%20[Status]%20=%20%27U%27%20OR%20[Status]%20=%20%27D%27%29%20AND%20[Project]%20=%20%27CSC.embu%27

3. My Opened Bugs CDETS NG :[[1]]


4. Scrubber  :

5. My Opened Bugs QDDTS : [[2]]

6. My Closed Bugs QDDTS : [[3]]

Prime Collaboration Links

1. Supported Alarms for Prime Collaboration [[4]]





PC 9.5 Downloads:

PC 9.5 documents:

Cisco Prime Collaboration 9.5 Documentation Overview: [This contains URLs for all Prime Collaboration 9.5 guides and reference documents]

Cisco Prime Collaboration 9.5 Quick Start Guide:

Cisco Prime Collaboration 9.5 Upgrade and Migration Guide:

Cisco Prime Collaboration 9.5 Release Notes:

Cisco Prime Collaboration 9.5 Administration Guide:

Cisco Prime Collaboration 9.5 Assurance Guide:

Cisco Prime Collaboration 9.5 Analytics Guide:

Cisco Prime Collaboration 9.5 Provisioning Guide:

Top-level URL:

PC 9.5 Supported Devices:

CUOM Links

1. CUOM Documents:

Supported Device Lists:

2. CCO Patches:

3. cs-operations-manager topic search

Commands, Tricks & Tips

1. To delete a device forcefully in CPC 9.5 You may use the following URL to delete the device by IP.


2. Script used on a per gwy basis to unmanaged the ports that they didn’t want to monitor to reduce the false alarms. /opt/CSCOpx/objects/smarts/conf/discovery/

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