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 Mobile Agent: Agent not shown as a mobile agent

Problem Summary

In the following scenarios, any Finesse Desktop user interface features for mobile agents no longer apply. For example, an incoming call to a mobile agent signed in to Call-By-Call mode does not disable the Answer button.

  1. While signed in to the Finesse Desktop, the header information switches from Mobile Agent to show a regular agent.
  2. After a client-side failover and signing in to the other Finesse node, a mobile agent is shown as a regular agent.
Error Message  None.
Possible Cause
  1.  A CG/PG failover has occurred.
  2. Finesse went out of service, which redirected the agent to the secondary Finesse server (client-side failover).
Recommended Action To restore the mobile agent features on the Finesse Desktop, have the agent sign out and sign back in as a mobile agent.
Release  Release 9.0(1), Release 9.1(1)
Associated CDETS #  CSCty86896


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