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Scenario Setup

Web Server

  1. Disable Anonymous User in IIS for folder where smiley faces are located

File Server

  1. Remove permissions from Cisco Share for agent PC (not necessary if students use their own laptops that are not part of EIM.LAB domain)

Agent PC

  1. Log in as an integrated agent and go ready for Chat

Customer PC

  1. Open Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup.
  2. Select "Temporary Internet Files" and click OK.
  3. Install HttpWatch from the Tools Server
  4. Initiate a chat from customer entry point

Note: This scenario assumes that the agent PC is joined to the eim.lab domain, and the customer PC is not.

Problem Statement

There is a report that smiley faces are not being displayed in chats.

  • The agents are able to see them:


  • but end customers see a red X, broken image symbol, or nothing at all (this depends on the browser being used).


In the above screenshot we can see one smiley, indicating that this customer was at one point able to use smileys. That one smiley is likely cached, and the customer browser is now unable to reach the others.


HttpWatch will help determine from where the browser is attempting to download the smiley images. Start HttpWatch on the customer chat browser and bring up the "Insert a Smiley" screen. HttpWatch will show that the browser is attempting to access http://43web/system/web/widget/platform/fckeditor/editor/images/smiley/msn/


Trying to access the smiley directly is also not successful.


IIS Permissions

Navigating to that folder in IIS we can see the smiley face images.


However, from Properties > Directory Security we can see that there is no Anonymous Access allowed.


Anonymous user for Customer Sessions

Setting this to a user with access to those folders will restore the end customer's access to Smiley Faces.



This issue is a defect, but is a simple way to demonstrate the use of HttpWatch.

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