Logs to Collect if Refresh Upgrade Fails

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Logs to Collect if Refresh Upgrade Fails

Problem Summary The user does not know what logs to collect if Refresh Upgrade fails.
Error Message NA
Possible Cause None
Recommended Action
  • Refresh Upgrade process logs are mainly spread across files install_log_<timestamp> and uccx-install.log. CLI command "file view install <logname>" can be run to search for any error messages.
  • When escalating issues back to the Cisco Support team, it is always better to send all install logs, which can be downloaded from the CLI, using the command "file get install *".
Note Note: Use the CLI command "file view install system history.log" to show a chronological history of all install/ upgrade/switch events performed on the box.
Release Release 9.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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