Logging In: Cannot Access CUIS Using IP Address

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Logging In: Cannot Access CUIS Using IP Address

Problem Summary You are not able to access the Unified IC server using the URL http://<CUIC Server IP>.
Error Message Not applicable.
Possible Cause The browser is using a proxy server.
Recommended Action If the browser is using a proxy server, you need exclude the Unified IC IP address from Proxy settings.

To do this:

1. In your browser window, select Tools, Internet Options.

2. Click the Connections tab. Then click LAN Settings.

3. In the LAN settings windows, Proxy server section, click Advanced.

4. In the Exceptions section, type in the IP address for Unified IC.

5. Click OK to close all open windows.

5. Reload http://<CUIC Server IP>.

Releases Release 7.5(x)
Associated CDETS # None

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