Logged-In User Does Not Have Any Roles in Cisco Unified Intelligence Center

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Logged-In User Does Not Have Any Roles in Cisco Unified Intelligence Center

Problem Summary

Reporting user able to log in to Cisco Unified Intelligence Center, but does not have any roles.

Error Message

Possible Cause

When Cisco Unified Intelligence Center reporting is enabled, Unified CCX syncs reporting users to Unified Intelligence Center. In some cases, reporting users may not be propagated to Unified Intelligence Center even though they have reporting privileges in Unified CCX. In such cases, the users are authenticated but without privileges to perform tasks in Unified Intelligence Center.

One scenario that demonstrates this problem involves using the restore operation as follows:
1. A node is backed-up when HRC is the reporting client.
2. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center is enabled as the reporting client after the node back-up resulting in users not being synced to Cisco Unified Intelligence Center.
3. If one node is restored, users will not have reporting capability because they were not synced with Unified Intelligence Center.
4. When reporting clients do not match, reporting will default to the last one enabled (Unified Intelligence Center).

Recommended Action
  • Go to AppAdmin > Tools > User Management > Reporting Capability View, and then click Update. This syncs the users to Unified Intelligence Center with the appropriate privileges.
Release Release 9.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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