Legacy Supervisor

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Legacy Supervisor

Problem Summary If a 7.1(x) or earlier supervisor desktop initiates silent monitor when connected to a 7.2(1) CTI OS Server, the supervisor desktop receives an error.
Error Message Error Code = 0x00000015

Silent Monitor session failed. Please contact your system administrator.

Possible Cause If an unsupported supervisor desktop initiates the silent monitor function when connected to a 7.2(1) CTI OS Server, this error occurrs.
Recommended Action The supervisor desktop also logs the error.
04/20/07 21:24:41.706  5972  SupervisorSoftphone  Thd(5112)  CSilentMonitorManager::OnSilentMonitorStatusReportEvent,
	 MonitoredUniqueObjectID:agent.5000.102 StatusCode:21 SMSessionKey:101
Release Release 7.5(x)
Associated CDETS # None.

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