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Trace profile: Errors seen when operations are done very quickly

While doing any operation on log profiles when you load any web page and quickly click on any button (before the page fully loads). Then you may get either an error in IE status bar or something like following:

type: Exception report


description: The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.

This issue has been reported only in MS-IE and has not been seen in Mozzila FF.


JTAPI/SIP/JASMIN service should be included in Log profile

As of now the log profile feature supports only following services of Cisco Unified CCX

1. Cisco Unified CCX Engine (Traces termed as MIVR)

2. Cisco Unified CCX Administration (Traces termed as MADM)

3. Cisco Unified CCX Cluster View Daemon (Traces termed as MCVD)

In further releases, more services will be added in log profile feature

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