JTAPI Exception during redirect, accept, answer, transfer request

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JTAPI Exception during redirect, accept, answer, transfer request

Problem Summary An exception was thrown by JTAPI for a call control request from Unified CCX like redirect, accept, answer, transfer etc.
Error Message CCNException printed in MIVR logs and JTAPI client traces
Possible Cause The exception is thrown from JTAPI or CTI layer as the operation requested by Unified CCX could not be performed.
Recommended Action
  1. In most cases, the exception would be due to an issue in JTAPI or CTI layer.
  2. Find the error code for the exception from the MIVR logs and check the resolution for this cause code here: http://docwiki-dev.cisco.com/wiki/Troubleshooting_JTAPI_CCN_Exceptions.
    Check if the resolution can fix the problem
  3. Enable and collect all the required traces as mentioned in: "Tracing" section of http://docwiki-dev.cisco.com/wiki/Troubleshooting_Tips_for_Unified_CCX_8.0#Cisco_Unified_Communications_Manager_Telephony_subsystem
  4. The issue can be directly escalated to IPCBU JTAPI team most of the times

For Example:
Exception during transfer completion
4682 70982379: Dec 21 10:13:42.789 CET %MIVR-SS_TEL-7-UNK:CallID:51909 MediaId:2483706/2 Task:49000069216, ConsultCallObserver RINGING
70982915: Dec 21 10:13:48.195 CET %MIVR-SS_TEL-7-UNK:CallID:51909 MediaId:2483706/2 Task:49000069216, Consult received Call TALKING, it's in correct state to transfer
70982919: Dec 21 10:13:48.195 CET %MIVR-SS_TEL-7-UNK:CallID:51909 MediaId:2483706/2 Task:49000069216, transfer(1404, consultCall)
70982921: Dec 21 10:13:48.211 CET %MIVR-SS_TEL-3-CONSULT_FAILED:Consult failed: All Call ids=CallID:51909 MediaId:2483706/2 Task:49000069216,Extension=1404,Exception=com.cisco.jtapi.PlatformExceptionImpl: Transfer failed. ,Failure reason=Transfer Violates Logical Partitioning Policy. Aborting CallCTIERR_TRANSFERFAILED=0x8ccc000e::Transfer failed (probable cause is one of the call legs was hung up or disconnected from the far end) - In this case the exception is self explanatory. If the exception or the reason is not so clear then escalate to IPCBU JTAPI team with all relevant logs

Release Release 7.0(1) onwards
Associated CDETS # NA

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