Installation Troubleshooting: Call Server CPU spikes to 90%-100%

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Call Server CPU spikes to 90%-100%

Problem Summary During the installation process, the Call Server CPU shows high utilization adn spikes to 90%-100%.
Error Message Error logs on the outprocess service indicating terminateConnection:Transport Down every 5-6 seconds.
Possible Cause This occurs if there is an outprocess service (for example a VXML Server, REP Server or ORM) which does not have the correct version of cvp-common.jar. This can happen, if the CallServer or any other component is uninstalled and the CVP_HOME folder is not deleted after the uninstall. Re-installing the component, does not delete the cvp.war file or overwrite it.
Recommended Action Ensure all components have the correct versions installed and the cvp-common.jar file is consistient on all components. Re-installing the correct build on all services is the right way to correct this problem.
Release Release 7.0(2)
Associated CDETS # None.

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