Installation: Installation halts with an unrecoverable error

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The installation halts with an unrecoverable error

Problem Summary The installation fails with an unrecoverable error.
Error Message Installation has encountered an unrecoverable internal error
Possible Cause

The VM Template or the VM configuration does not meet the requirements. See the Software Download page for a list of supported VM templates.

See the Unified MCP-Specific Information for OVA Templates section in the Virtualization for Cisco MediaSense website.

Recommended Action

Verify that the VM configuration meets the minimum system requirements such as number of CPUs and other requirements specified in the read-me file for each supported VM template.

Cisco MediaSense, beginning with Release 8.5(2), only supports the VM templates listed in the Software Download page.

Release Release 8.5(2) and Release 8.5(3).
Associated CDETS # None.

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