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Initial Start up Issues

EAAS instance not starting

  • Verify from the System Console if EAAS process is running. If not, start this service.
  • Analyze JAVA exceptions that may have been logged in eg_log_<Server_name>_EAAS-process.log.

Listener instances not starting

  • Analyze JAVA exceptions that may be logged in eg_log_<server_name>_Listener-process.log.
  • Analyze JAVA exceptions that may be logged in eg_log_<server_name>_Application Server.log

When trying to create a new listener instance, the error “You have exceeded the maximum number of instances allowed for this partition” is returned.

  • Increase the maximum limit for number of instances in the Listener Process administration section of System Console.
  • Click on partition node, and increase the maximum allowable instances in the services section.

CIM looses connectivity to ICM

How do I verify if EAAS instance is connected to the MR-PIM or verify that the MR link is active/enabled ?
  • Check if the MR-PIM is active by checking the MR-PIM command prompt window [status should be ACTIVE]. In a duplexed configuration, one of the sides should be ACTIVE and the other one should be IDLE. For example, If MR PG side B is active, then MR PG A MR-PIM should remain idle
  • Verify OPEN_REQ and OPEN_CONF messages in MR-PIM logs and check if ROUTING_ENABLED_EVENT is sent from MR-PIM to EAAS. CIM will start sending all route requests only after this message is sent by the MR-PIM to EAAS
How do I verify if Listener instance is connected to CTI server ?
  • Check for OPEN_REQ and OPEN_CONF messages in CTI server. Following fields in the OPEN_REQ message indicates that the OPEN_REQ message is sent by CIM listener instance :

Clientsignature: “Administrator” ApplicationPathID: <XXXX> - The application path ID of the CIM application instance.

  • In CTI server log, Check for the ProcessARMAppPathUpRespMsg message which indicates that the application path members are enabled and active.

Trace: ProcessARMAppPathUpRespMsg -- InvokeID = 738279591, Status = 0, ApplicationPathID = 5000 AppPathMemberList = appPathMember count = 4 -> Depends on the number of MRDs configured in the system. MRDID/PeripheralID = ( 5000/5000, 5001/5000, 5002/5000, 5003/5000)

How do I verify if Listener is connected to Cisco Media Blender ?
  • From the CMB logs, check for the message : “Transport link is Up” – This message indicates that the RMI connection between CMB and Listener instance is active.
  • There should be NO alerts in the CMB administration UI.
Run network trace routes, ping command, etc, to the ICM server to test connectivity.
  • Verify if increased download of data is occurring from the ICM server as part of the GUI Configuration Wizard.
  • Verify eg_log_<server_name>_Application Server.log for error/exceptions relating to connectivity failures.

ICM returning a LABEL instead of Agent ID with DO_THIS_WITH_TASK

  • Verify ICM script, and check if any of the targets are agent nodes.
  • Verify conditions specified in the ICM script to see if routing is following the given path.

Miscellaneous Errors

  • Analyze JAVA exceptions that may be logged in eg_log_<server_name>_Application Server.log or eg_log_<server_name>_EAAS-process.log

Server Test Result Simulating fault Action
Primary application server Ping the server name Ping failed Disconnect network cable of the primary app server Fix the issues that have resulted in the network connection failure for the server and restart eGain services on all servers in proper sequence.

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