Initial Start up issues

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Initial Start up Issues

EAAS instance not starting

  • Verify from the System Console if EAAS process is running. If not, start this service.
  • Analyze JAVA exceptions that may have been logged in eg_log_<Server_name>_EAAS-process.log.

Listener instances not starting

  • Analyze JAVA exceptions that may be logged in eg_log_<server_name>_Listener-process.log.
  • Analyze JAVA exceptions that may be logged in eg_log_<server_name>_Application Server.log

When trying to create a new listener instance, the error “You have exceeded the maximum number of instances allowed for this partition” is returned.

  • Increase the maximum limit for number of instances in the Listener Process administration section of System Console.
  • Click on partition node, and increase the maximum allowable instances in the services section.

CIM looses connectivity to ICM

How do I verify if EAAS instance is connected to the MR-PIM or verify that the MR link is active/enabled ?
  • Check if the MR-PIM is active by checking the MR-PIM command prompt window [status should be ACTIVE]. In a duplexed configuration, one of the sides should be ACTIVE and the other one should be IDLE. For example, If MR PG side B is active, then MR PG A MR-PIM should remain idle
  • Verify OPEN_REQ and OPEN_CONF messages in MR-PIM logs and check if ROUTING_ENABLED_EVENT is sent from MR-PIM to EAAS. CIM will start sending all route requests only after this message is sent by the MR-PIM to EAAS

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