Incorrect Configuration: Wrong Peripheral ID in the Connection Profile

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Wrong Peripheral ID in the Connection Profile

Problem Summary Incorrect configuration due to a wrong Peripheral ID in the Connection Profile
Error Message None.
Possible Cause When the client attempts to login using a specific connection profile, the client application associates itself with the Peripheral ID contained in the connection profile. The client application then waits for CTI OS server to signal that the peripheral associated with that Peripheral ID is online before it attempts to login to that peripheral. If the connection profile contains the incorrect Peripheral ID, the client application may receive this notification prematurely or not at all. In the former case the login will fail with no indication to the user. In the latter case, the user will be informed that the system is offline and that the login attempt will be queued until the system comes online. Since the client application randomly selects a configuration server each time the client application starts, symptoms of this problem may be sporadic if connection profile information is not consistent between configuration servers.
Recommended Action To modify the Peripheral ID in the connection profile:
  • Note the connection profile you are using when you login (step a). The connection profile is specified in the client application's login dialog box using the "Connect to" dropdown list.
  • Note the name of the server with which the client application connected. This information is contained in the OnConnection event and is displayed on the status bar control.
  • Go to the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems, Inc.\CTIOS\ CTIOS_<InstanceName>\ ctios1\EnterpriseDesktopSettings\All Desktops\Login\ConnectionProfiles\Name\<Profile name from step a> on the server with which the client application is connected.
  • Modify the value of peripheralID so that it is correct. (The Peripheral ID can be found in the ICM configuration.)
  • Restart the CTI OS server.
  • Restart the client application.
  • Try to login again.
Release Release 7.5(x)
Associated CDETS # None.

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