Incorrect Configuration: Unreachable Configuration Server

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== Unreachable Configuration Server ==
== Unreachable Configuration Server ==

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Unreachable Configuration Server

Problem Summary The client application is unable to connect with the configuration server.
Error Message None.
Possible Cause When the client application starts, it looks in the Windows registry for the location of the server (configuration server) from which it will obtain its configuration information. If this information is incorrect or if the specified servers are not reachable, the client application will not connect to a configuration server. Since the client application gets all information about button enablement from the CTI OS server, button enablement will remain in the same state it was in upon start-up.
Recommended Action Perform the following checks to determine where the problem lies:
  • First check that you properly configured the client application to find its CTI OS Server(s) when you installed the softphone.
    • Check the values of CtiosA, CtiosB, PortA, and PortB in the registry under the key
    • If the CTI OS Server names (or addresses) are incorrect, enter the correct server names and restart the client application.
  • If the server names (or addresses) of the configuration machines are correct, the problem may be caused by a loss of network connectivity or an inability to resolve the download machine name.
    • From the client application machine, open a console window.
    • Attempt to ping the configuration machines entered in the registry key listed above. If the system is configured correctly, the ping should succeed for at least one of the configuration machines listed in the registry.
    • If the ping succeeded then the problem may be that the CTI OS server is not running on either of the configuration machines in the client application's registry or the CTI OS server is listening on a port different than the client application registry, or the CTI OS server is not active. Make sure that all configurations are correct, and then start the CTI OS server on those machines and re-start the client application.
  • If the ping fails for both configuration machines and the configuration machine entries in the registry are not TCP addresses, the problem might be an inability to resolve the CTI OS server name into an IP address.
    • Try to ping the IP addresses corresponding to the configuration machine names entered in the registry.
    • If the ping succeeds, your DNS server may be down or the "hosts" file on the client machine may map the hostname to an incorrect address. Replace the configuration machine names in the registry with the associated IP addresses and restart the client application.
  • If pinging the IP address fails then either the IP address is incorrect or the network connection between the client application and the configuration machine is down. Your TCP/IP network administrator should be able to help resolve this issue.
Release Release 7.5(x)
Associated CDETS # None.

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