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Scenario Setup

Use integrated agent "goofy" for this scenario. (Do not log in yet)

Throughout the life of the mail, use the below query to follow the activity:

select top(10) egpl_routing_queue.queue_name, * from egpl_casemgmt_activity LEFT OUTER JOIN egpl_routing_queue on egpl_casemgmt_activity.queue_id = egpl_routing_queue.queue_id order by activity_id desc

Problem Statement

Understand how a mail goes through the Integrated Routing Engine.

Standalone Routing Engine

Once an email activity enters the 4000/4100 state, it is routed to an agent within a few seconds.

Integrated Routing Engine - EAAS to MR PIM


The External Agent Assignment Service (EAAS) then picks up the activity in activity_status/activity_sub_status 4000/4100, sets activity_sub_status to 4105, and processes the task through a UCCE Routing Script via a NEW_TASK message sent to the MR PIM.

12:42:34:878 pg2A-pim2 Trace: [  4900]Application->PG:
Message = NEW_TASK; Length = 102 bytes
   DialogueID = (1) Hex 00000001
   SendSeqNo = (1) Hex 00000001
   MRDomainID = (5003) Hex 0000138b
   PreviousTask = -1:-1:-1
   PreferredAgent = Undefined
   Service = (0) Hex 00000000
   CiscoReserved = (0) Hex 00000000
   ScriptSelector: 8000
ECC Variable Name: user.cim.activity.id
Value: 1178

The activity_sub_status remains 4105 ("Ready for Unified CCE routing") while the task is queued.


Login and go "ready for other channels."

Your integrated agent should receive the email sent in the previous scenario.


Once UCCE determines an agent is available for the task, MR PIM returns a DO_THIS_WITH_TASK message to EAAS with routing instructions.

12:42:35:722 pg2A-pim2 Trace: [  5356]PG->Application:
Message = DO_THIS_WITH_TASK; Length = 121 bytes
   DialogueID = (1) Hex 00000001
   SendSeqNo = (1) Hex 00000001
   IcmTaskID = 149884:201: 1
   SkillGroup = (5036) Hex 000013ac
   Service = Undefined
   Agent = (5005) Hex 0000138d
   AgentInfo: 1002
   Call Variable 1: 
   Call Variable 2: 
   Call Variable 3: 
   Call Variable 4: 
   Call Variable 5: 
   Call Variable 6: 
   Call Variable 7: 
   Call Variable 8: 
   Call Variable 9: 
   Call Variable 10: 
ECC Variable Name: user.cim.activity.id
Value: 1178


Note the DialogueID in the above messages. This field can be used to correlate messages MR PIM logs, and is particularly useful for those that do not show the user.cim.activity.id ECC variable.

  • Assume we find a NEW_TASK_FAILURE_EVENT in the MR PIM logs:
01:07:52 pg5A-pim1 Trace: PG->Application:
Message = NEW_TASK_FAILURE_EVENT; Length = 12 bytes
   DialogueID = (683) Hex 000002ab
   SendSeqNo = (1) Hex 00000001
   ReasonCode = (209) Hex 000000d1
  • This can be linked to the original NEW_TASK with the DialogueID:
12:11:32 pg5A-pim1 Trace: Application->PG:
Message = NEW_TASK; Length = 73 bytes
   DialogueID = (683) Hex 000002ab
  • Note that the DialogueID can also be used to link the DO_THIS_WITH_TASK:
12:11:32 pg5A-pim1 Trace: PG->Application:
Message = DO_THIS_WITH_TASK; Length = 63 bytes
   DialogueID = (683) Hex 000002ab

Listener to CTI Server

Offer Task

When a ready agent is offered the task, the activity appears as a bold line in the Main Inbox. The activity_status is 5000 and activity_sub_status is 5100 ("New").



Start Task

The task is not "started" until the agent clicks the activity in their Main Inbox and it changes from bold to regular text. The activity_status is 5000 and activity_sub_status is 5900 ("In Progress").



End Task

Once the agent types a response and completes the activity, the activity_status changes to 9000 and activity_sub_status to 9100 ("Done").


Audit Trail

  1. Log in to the UI as an agent
  2. Click "Search"
  3. Select Object Type > Activity
  4. Enter activity_id in the value box, press enter
  5. Click Start Search


Call Flow



  • Integrated email routing is handled through the EAAS-MRPIM connection.
  • EAAS sends a NEW_TASK to MR_PIM which is processed through a UCCE routing script.
  • MR PIM returns a DO_THIS_WITH_TASK message to EAAS with routing instructions.
  • Listener-CTI Server connection updates task status and agent availability

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