IPCC Enterprise Gateway Deployments: Post-routing from child system does not work

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Post-routing from child system does not work

Problem Summary Post-routing from the Unified CCE child system is not working.
Error Message None.
Possible Cause The problem might be one of the following:
  • Route point is not configured in the Unified ICME parent Peripheral Monitor table.
  • The child system does not have a dialed number configured.
  • The Application Routing Permitted check box is not checked in the child system dialed number configuration.
Recommended Action Check to be sure a dialed number has been configured and that the Permit Application Routing check box is checked on the child. On the parent, check that the post route dialed number is in the dialed number table.

Release Release 7.5(1) and 8.0
Associated CDETS # None.

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