ICM subsystem is in OUT OF SERVICE state from IVR side and also the VRU PIM stays in IDLE state rather than ACTIVE state in the ICM peripheral gateway

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ICM subsystem is in OUT_OF_SERVICE state in IVR

Problem Summary ICM subsystem is in OUT_OF_SERVICE state in IVR.
Error Message IVR calls are failing.
Possible Cause ICM PG connects to IVR at port 5000 ( default VRU port). VRU port is configured in appadmin and is stored in ICMSubsystemConfig DB object.

This port is opened by ICM subsystem during its initialization, as part of engine start up. Any changes to this port would require a restart of ICM sub system ( or Engine restart) for it to start listening on this new port.

The issue here may be that IVR can not connect to the VRU PIM on the Peripheral Gateway. Please check if the VRU connection port on IVR and PG are both configured to the same port. The default VRU connection port is 5000 which is opened for PG connection. IVR can also use a different port provided the same is configured on the PG as well.

Recommended Action Change the VRU port to use the same port as that of PG and restart IPIVR Engine. Verify that ICM subsystem is in ACTIVE state in IPIVR.
Release Release 8.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None.

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