ICM Gateway Process: goes OOS

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ICM Gateway Process goes OOS

Problem Summary The Unified ICM Gateway Process is out-of-service (OOS).
Error Message None.
Possible Cause Multiple reasons described below.
Recommended Action
  1. Is the server readiness state changed to false? Search for SERVER_READINESS_UPDATE in the Runtime log.
  2. View the available log files from the CLI: file list activelog mmca/logs/runtime.
  3. View the appropriate log file from the CLI: file view activelog mmca/logs/runtime/LOGILENAME.
  4. If you see a false update (%MMCA__ICMGW-6-SERVER_READINESS_UPDATE:%[ready=false], then the Gateway is instructed by the Infrastructure to shut down.
  5. Is the PG OK?
  6. Did the other side of the PG take over?
  7. Did the network go down?
Release Release 7.6(1).
Associated CDETS # None.

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