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EIM/WIM logs that reference the ICMAgentID are actually using the AgentSTID.


EIM/WIM agents all have their own AgentID. For the discussion in this class, we will refer to this AgentID as the eGain AgentID or "eGAgentID" to distinguish from "ICMAgentID".

Integrated vs Standalone

Agent Type eGAgentID? ICMAgentID/AgentSTID?
Standalone Yes No
Integrated Yes Yes

EIM/WIM Database validation

Integrated Only

  • Query eGActiveDB to return the eGAgentID and ICMAgentID of Integrated agents:
select * from egicm_user LEFT OUTER JOIN egpl_user on egpl_user.user_id = egicm_user.user_id


Integrated AND Standalone

  • Query eGActiveDB to return all eGAgentIDs (so standalone AND integrated), and ICMAgentID when applicable:
select * from egicm_user RIGHT OUTER JOIN egpl_user on egpl_user.user_id = egicm_user.user_id


System Administrators

  • Note that Partition and System Administrators are essentially Standalone users. Partition Admin will appear in the above query of eGActiveDB. To return the eGAgentID of System Administrators, query the eGMasterDB:
select * from egpl_user


UCCE Database Validation

  • Query AWDB to return the AgentSTID and AgentID/PeripheralNumber
select * from t_Agent

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