How to Collect DB Data for a Particular HR Report

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Problem Summary How to Collect Data from Database for a Particular HR Report.
Error Message NA
Possible Cause NA
Recommended Action

a. Place the CiscoDataExporter.jar in $WFAVVID/lib directory on the Unified CCX server (preferably on secondary).

b. Double click to run the jar or open the jar with javaw (you might have to select 'Open With' in the Windows context menu)

c. Run the tool for the concerned reports for the period when the problem is seen. Choose the default options on the tool. The output is a zip file named as <report name>_<startdate>_<enddate>.zip

d. Please send the zipped files and remove the jar from the customer’s box.

Release Release 7.0(1)
Associated CDETS # NA

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