Historical records not getting written to database

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Historical records not getting written to database

Problem Summary Historical records not getting written to the database
Error Message NA
Possible Cause Following can be possibilities -
  • There are 5 historical records which gets written to the database as call progresses. These records are ContactCallDetailRecord, AgentConnectionDetailRecord, AgentStateDetailRecord, ContactRoutingDetailRecord and ContactQueueDetailRecord. These records are created in memory by HistoricalReportingDataManager(HRDM) and finally written to the database by Engine of UCCX. In case if customer is running into the problem where these records are not getting written to the database then we need to debug in such a way so that we can tell whether its a HRDM issue or Engine issue or Database issue. Therefore from HRDM perspective, you can search for "writeCCDRToDatabase" string in the MIVR logs to confirm whether CCDR records are being written to the database or not. Neednot to say, first you need to search the sessionID of the call and then you need to find the corresponding "writeCCDRToDatabase" string in the logs.
  • There can be other reasons for records not getting written to the database. For e.g if database is down or some problem related to Engine then records might not get written. If CRA_HRDM is enabled then you can search for "DB_WRITE_FAILED" or "DB_ACCESS_ERROR" in the MIVR logs. You can also search for DB related exceptions like "SQLException" or "Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint".
Recommended Action If you have figured out that the problem doesn't lies in HRDM side then you can do troubleshooting related to Database side or can escalate to DB Team.
Release Release 8.0(1)
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