Historical Reports Gives VB List Box Error on Detailed Call Reports

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Historical Report Gives VB List Box Error on Detailed Call Reports

Problem Summary On selecting Detailed Call CSQ Agent Report on a system that has more than 32765 distinct calling or

called numbers in the database, Historical Report gives VB List Box Error

Error Message The number of filter parameter values exceeded maximum entries (32765) that VB listbox can hold.

Only the first 32765 filter parameter values will be available for selection.

Possible Cause This is a limitation with VB.

The default value is 32765 as the maximum limit of the list box is 32765. If there are more than 32765 entries, the list box of the HRC shows only up to 32765 distinct values. The rest of the values are omitted.

Recommended Action The workaround is to limit the query to pull less than 32765 entries into the VB Box.

You can customize the entries of the HRC list box 'Available' such as it shows "first 'n' entries/first 32765 entries/last 32765 entries/32765 entries between 'x' and 'y'". For this, you need to modify the xml file for the report.

Workaround for 7.x systems:

On the PC where the Historical Reports client is installed, navigate to <Install Dir>\Cisco UCCX Historical Reports\ReportTemplates\<language>.

Open ICD_Detailed_Call_CSQ_Agent_en_us.xml (Replace en_us with local language).

Locate the line <SQL>SELECT distinct callednumber FROM db_cra.dbo.contactcalldetail</SQL>

Change this line to read <SQL>SELECT distinct top 32000 callednumber FROM db_cra.dbo.contactcalldetail</SQL>

Locate the line <SQL>SELECT distinct originatordn FROM db_cra.dbo.contactcalldetail</SQL>

Change this line to read <SQL>SELECT distinct top 32000 originatordn FROM db_cra.dbo.contactcalldetail</SQL>

You can use 'between' keyword in the SQL query to get values between two entries.

Workaround for 8.x systems:  Informix does not support the 'top' keyword, so the queries need to be modified slightly:  


SELECT FIRST <number> <columnName> FROM <table>;

SELECT SKIP <number> FIRST <number> <columnName> FROM <table>;


SELECT FIRST 100 resourcename FROM Resource; -- gets the first 100 resourceNames from resource table. 

SELECT SKIP 100 FIRST 1000 resourcename FROM Resource; -- skips the first 100 and get the next 1000 resourceNames from the resource table.

More detail on keyword usage here: http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/idshelp/v111/index.jsp?topic=/com.ibm.sqlt.doc/sqlt55.htm

Release 7.0(1), 8.0(1)
Associated CDETS # CSCtg06706

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