High Availability over WAN - JTAPI Port group shows a error ( Red Cross) in the list page

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High Availability over WAN - JTAPI Port group shows a error ( Red Cross) in the list page in Appadmin

Problem Summary In a HAoWAN deployment, create a port group from the Telephony Port Group Configuration page under Telephony Subsystem in Appadmin
Error Message A RED cross next to the CTI Port group in the list page. Also, two possible errors can be shown in the Port Group configuration page,

1. This messages states that there are no ports created for the second UCCX node 2. This error message states that the number of cti ports is inconsistent between the nodes.

Possible Cause In HAoWAN deployment, for a port group, you are required to create the ports for each node separately. If ports have been created for one node and not the other, then the port group is not considered complete and error is shown. Another reason for an error could be that the number of ports created for each node, per port group could be different which causes inconsistency and hence an error.
Recommended Action Ensure that the ports are created for both nodes by specifically selecting each node and configuring the UCM specific parameters for the ports on that node and clicking Update. If the number of ports has been increased while updating the port data for one of the nodes, ensure that the other node is selected you hit update so as to update the number of ports to match the first node.
Release Release 8.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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