High Availability over WAN - Importing Outbound contacts is taking a very long time

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High Availability over WAN - Importing Outbound Contacts takes a very long time

Problem Summary When you go to the Campaign Configuration page and click on import contacts button, it takes you to the page where you give the import file name and all the fields. On pressing enter, it takes a very long time for the import to complete(> 8 min)
Error Message No error
Possible Cause Since this is a WAN deployment and the contact import process is database intensive, the WAN delay adds to the data processing time.
Recommended Action If you are importing completely new contacts, try to import 1000 or less contacts at a time. This should not take more than 8 min assuming the WAN delay is not more than 80 ms. If importing updated contacts( contacts that exist in the database), try to import 500 contacts or less at a time.
Release UCCX 8.0(1)
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