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Configuration examples should have consistent content. The following guidelines can help you create a configuration example.


Creating your Configuration Example Page

Type the name of your configuration example into the search box. Use the following syntax:

<product name> <feature/description> Configuration Example

For example, "Cisco Unity Express Networking with Direct IP Addressing Configuration Example"

  • If the example does not exist, you will be prompted to create a page. Copy the source code at Template:Configuration Example to your new page to develop your content.
Note Note: This template contains details that might not be applicable to your example. Please edit at your discretion.

Filling Out the Configuration Example Infobox for the Robust Configuration Example

After you have copied the template into your new page, fill out the Infobox information. Replace the comment text (<!--Comment text-->) with the required information.

{{Infobox Configuration Example
|title        = <!--Enter the name of your example: (product_name) (feature/description) Configuration Example --> 
|image        = [[Image:sample_topology.jpg]]  <!--Upload an image of your topology-->
|caption      = Topology
|device1      = <!--Decsribe the first device: (router)(location)-->         
|dev1_sw      = <!--Enter the name of the software: (OS, like Cisco IOS) (release number)-->
|dev1_feat    = <!--List the featured used in this example-->
|dev1_ip      = <!--Enter the sanitized example address, no real addresses-->
|dev1_inf     = <!--List any additional information needed for this example-->
|device2      = <!--Decsribe the second device: (router)(location)-->  
(add up to 8 devices as above)         
|netinfo      = <!--Describe any additional information about the network for this example-->


The topology that you upload should be a JPEG or GIF file. Many tools provide icons for topologies. Cisco also provides icons at the Marketing Library.

Configuration Output

Caution Caution: Make sure that you scrub the IP addresses, domain names, and any other sensitive information. Examples of clean content are shown at DocWiki:No Proprietary Information.

Examples should use preformatted text. Put your example in the following format:

<pre>Your configuration example text</pre>


Categories for Configuration Examples differ slightly from a regular article. For the most part, the paths for the categories are the same as for Cisco Products (see DocWiki:Categories). An additional layer of categories is placed right above the article so that Configuration Examples can be grouped together. See the following flow:


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