Hardware not supported Error seen on 7835H2 and/or 7845H2

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Hardware Not Supported Error seen while installing UCCX on 7835H2 or 7845H2

Problem Summary UCCX installation fails on a MCS Hardware type 7835H2 and/or 7845H2
Error Message The Hardware you are using will not support any of the deployments
Possible Cause User might be trying to install on 7835H2 or 7845H2 MCS boxes having 72GB Hard disk size per hard disk. Note UCCX 8.0(1) can only be installed on MCS hardwares having minimum of 146GB Hard Disk capacity.
Recommended Action User needs upgrade the Hard Disk size on these machines to 146GB. Note , indvidual Hard Disk size capacity should be more than or equal to 146GB. further, user can take a look at the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Software and Hardware Compatibility Guide to know the list of hardwares supported for UCCX 8.0(1)
Release UCCX 8.0(1)
Associated CDETS #

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