HRC login fails with a communication error message

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Problem Summary HRC login fails with a communication error message.
Error Message An Error occurred while attempting to communicate with web server.Check your user id and password and try again.
Possible Cause
  • User entered a wrong userid or password
  • The UCCX servlet service or web server is not reachable from the client machine.
Recommended Action
  • Verify that userid and password are correct and the letters of the userid and password are in proper case (upper case /lower case)
  • Make sure you are able to connect to the UCCX Administration web page from the client machine. Refresh the page to make sure it is not cached.Try to login to Administration web page.
  • If Administration page login is successful, then modify client hrcConfig.ini (C:\Program Files\Cisco UCCX Historical reports) file by updating 'AuthReqTimeOut' to a larger value than the current one (default is 15 seconds).Restart HR client and attempt to log in again.
Release Release 8.0, Release 8.5
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