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Product Problem Summary Error Code or Summary Condition Possible Cause Recommended Action
Domain Migration  Change Domain in Instance
management should migrate all Unified CCE components to new domain.
Stop shutdown when AWDB services are started, after
domain migration.
After the domain migration, make sure the domain in AWDB and the instance names in all the unified CCE components are updated with the new domain.
Gateway being spanned and the Unified Communications Manager is configured to use gateway Media Termination Point
Error message Silent Monitor Session Failed is seen on the supervisor desktop.
Error message No voice is
detected is seen in the silent monitor logs.
MTP in
use due to
in codec.
Mobile Agent uses G.729 codec and rest of the components uses G.711
Unified Communications
Manager uses default MTP instead of gateway MTP.
Configure the following in gateway:
dspfarm profile 2 MTP codec pass-through.
Unified CCE
Data Server
Stop shutdown when Logger
services are started.
Node Manager thread receives Shutdown Message. Cannot
connect to
SQL Server.
SQL server is not associated with the Built-In administrator account of current domain.
Log in to the SQL Server Management
studio. Create a new Login for Built-In Administrator under
Security - Logins - New Login.
Unified CCDM User is not able to log in to Unified CCDM web portal. No access to portal DB in database server. No access to web portal. No SQL logins created for the webserver in data server DB. Create SQL logins for each web server in each database server in the two tier deployment model with duplexed configuration.
Unified CCDM If two administration workstations (AW) names are same, user cannot add the AW in Unified CCDM ICE tool.

ICE tool throws ERROR name already exists.

Not able to complete the UCCE instance configuration. Same name for both the primary and secondary AWs. Edit the CCDM servers host files and use different names for AWs.
Incorrect Call records during
Load longevity test.
Data purges due to insufficient logger DB size. Ensure that logger database SIZE is as per Specification given in
Installing and Configuring Cisco
HCS for CC document.
During Logger installation ensure to set the retention period
to 40 days for the following:
Gateway TTS calls fails. MRCPv2 1 ASR TTS license issue.
2 Gateway configuration.
1 Ensure your ASR TTS server has got sufficient licenses.
2 Check the logs at ASR TTS server at license manager.
3 Ensure your gateway configuration is aligned with the ASR TTS
configured in Unified CVP.
4 Check the logs in IOS gateway with debug ccsip message.
Gateway Refer Transfer calls fails. Cannot
Gateway configuration. 1 Ensure you have added no
supplementary-service sip refer under Voice Service VOIP.
2 Check the logs in IOS gateway with debug ccsip message.
ASR CUBE Calls fails and agents not able
handle the calls.
of call.
CUBE configuration. Ensure you have not added
all, timer receive-rtcp
5, timer receive-rtp
1200 under gateway.

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