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  • If you want to provide feedback on any of the virtualization pages (or request changes to these pages), click the discussion tab.
  • To suggest a new topic or for any inquiries or comments, send email to
  • If you want to see previous discussions in the related community forums, go to My Cisco Community

Watching DocWiki Pages

Everyone can view DocWiki pages in the production server, but only registered Cisco customers, partners and employees can watch content (to reduce inappropriate or wrong content).

  • Viewing a page is different from "watching" a page. When you "watch" a page, you receive an automated email each time the watched page is changed.
  • The Watch tab is only visible to those who are logged into the DocWiki server. If you do not log in, you cannot see the tab.

Who Can "Watch" Pages?

  • The external DocWiki server provides login access for registered Cisco customers, partners, and employees. You must register with to obtain login credentials.

We encourage and welcome customer and partner input.

How can I Watch Pages?

To watch pages on DocWiki, follow this procedure:

  1. Go to
  2. Login in with your account name and password (must be an approved CDC user).
  3. Find the page that you want to watch and click the Watch tab. You are now "watching" this page. See
  4. Check your preferences (; to make sure your email is listed. Also be sure to check the "E-mail me when a page on my watchlist is changed" option.

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