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Contact Center Docwiki requirements to add/modify tips

  • Do not reuse the tip title. If you do, the older tip with the same title will get rewritten.
  • Do not change the name of a tip after it is linked or exported. If you do, you may break bookmarks set by users/customers.
  • Only use init. caps for the first word and product name.
  • Preface your tip with a division like General, Configuration, Installation, Reporting, or other division as required. These divisions will limit the customer's search and avoid frustration while searching for the required tip.
  • If a field does not apply, state None. Do not leave it empty.
  • Preface the Release number with the word "Release" - for example, Release 7.6(1).
  • Spell check your work.
  • Follow all Cisco external guidelines when adding tips.
  • If a bug ID is associated with your tip AND this bug is visible using bug toolkit, add the bug ID to the tip. Cross reference the bug ID using the Docwiki URL for this tip. Optionally, you can provide a direct link to bug tool kit. This step allows verification by anyone at any time.
  • If the same tip applies to several products and releases, you can add the required multiple categories to the same page (just once) and it will automatically be displayed in the required pages.
  • If the tip is no longer applicable or if a release has been EOLed, remember to delete the unwanted category.

We can track change history!

Monitor each product-release frequently

Monitor each Contact Center Docwiki page to achieve the following goals:

  • Keep track of EOLed releases.
  • Remove out-of-date tips.
  • Verify if the tips apply to multiple releases.
  • Monitor and track feedback and discussions from users/customers.

Handling special characters in a Docwiki page

While migrating the tips, I realized that our Wiki is not capable of handling special characters, such as underscore ( _ ), single quotes ( ' ), etc. Do we have a solution for this? Several special characters are part of the Mediawiki markup language. Any time you want to use special characters when editing a page, use the () begin and end tags. For example,<nowiki>%CUIS_HOME%\Cisco|CUIS\CuisWeb, %CUIS_HOME%\Cisco|CUIS\bin as shown in System: Location of Unified IC Files.

Handling special characters in the title

Your page title may contain one or more characters which cannot be used in titles. The title gets cut off at the special character. For example, clicking on a link to "John & Maria's page" gets a 404, because MediaWiki is looking for a page named "John." This is because symbols (such as &, ?, #, + and /) in titles are treated as query string separators. Please work around using special characters in the title. In this case, you could use "and" as an alternative.

Additional Help

See The WIKIMEDIA Help:Contents page for more information.

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