Genesys T-Server: T-Server can’t connect to CTI-Server

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T-Server can't connect to CTI-Server.

Problem Summary It appears (Maybe in the T-Server logs) that the T-Server is attempting to connect to CTi-server but is unsuccessful.
Error Message Many - Non-Specific.
Possible Cause

Incorrect T-Server Host/Port configuration. CTI-Server not 8.0(2) or above

Recommended Action

If no OPEN_REQ is seen in the CTI-Server log check the Genesys Host/Port configuration and retry.

If an OPEN_REQ is seen and an OPEN_CONF is seen the open handshake looks good, pursue Genesys T-Server troubleshooting.

If an OPEN_REQ is seen in the CTI-Server log but a FAILURE_CONF is seen instead look at the failure reason. If a mal-formed message or invalid mask pursue T-Server troubleshooting. One reason would be if CTI-Server was pre 8.0 (CTI V14 or above and 8.0(2)+) is required.

Release Release 8.0(2)
Associated CDETS # N/A

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