Genesys T-Server: Genesys real time statistics don’t reflect available agents on UCCE

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Genesys real time statistics don’t reflect available agents on UCCE.

Problem Summary Genesys real time agent (and thus strategy logic) doesn’t reflect the true agent state on UCCE.
Error Message N/A.
Possible Cause
  • Incorrect Peripheral ID configured in T-Server
  • Agent Instrument not configured in T-Server
Recommended Action

Check if T-Server is connected to UCCE?

(Check this in the Genesys Solution Control Interface for the respective T-Server)
If a T-Server is not connected local routing will take over if it’s set up.

Check in the CTI-Server log for an AGENT_STATE_EVENT with an AS_AVAILABLE for the agent in question. (Should be in all skill groups).

If the event isn't there
Do a 'lm' [list monitors] from procmon on cti-server and ensure the agents extension is listed - If not, confirm the configuration of the extension in Genesys.
If Genesys configuration is correct look at the MONITOR_START_REQ for the agents extension in the CTI-Server log.
If Request was successful, troubleshoot UCCE as to why the event wasn't sent up.
If request failed troubleshoot the reason.f
If you don't see the request, it may have wrapped, or maybe it wasn't sent. To confirm this, if possible shutdown CTI-Server and restart. Dump logs showing the MONITOR_START_REQ.

Is the event correct (AVAILABLE?

If so proceed to Genesys Troubleshooting
If not follow normal UCCE troubleshooting steps for no CTI agent available events.
Release Release 8.0(2)
Associated CDETS # N/A

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