Genesys T-Server: Enterprise (Genesys) RNA handling not working properly

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Enterprise (Genesys) RNA handling not working properyl.

Problem Summary Where Genesys is doing enterprise level RNA (Ring No Answer) handling it doesn’t appear to be working properly.

Not working properly is defined as either the phone rings forever, or UCCE RONA logic redirects the call instead of Genesys.

Error Message N/A.
Possible Cause
  • No T-Server RNA configured
  • UCCE Agent Desk Settings RONA timeout is less than Genesys RNA timeout
Recommended Action

Check if UCCE RONA kicking in before Genesys RNA logic can take place.
Do this by checking the CTI-Server for a DEFLECT_CALL_REQ from the T-Server. If none is seen but the call is seen getting redirected then UCCE is doing it.

If so ensure the UCCE RONA timeout is greater than that of Genesys – Retest.

Check CTI-Server log for a DEFLECT_CALL_REQ being sent by a T-Server?

If not proceed to Genesys Troubleshooting
If so, does it have a successful response (DEFLECT_CALL_CONF)
If so proceed to troubleshoot UCCE following the call to determine why the deflect didn't actually deflect the call and didn't return a CONTROL_FAILURE_CONF.

Diagnose the reason a CONTROL_FAILURE_CONF is sent - determine the cause.

If it appears the request should have been accepted proceed to UCCE troubleshooting (Valid Call/CallConnectionID, valid for the call state (Call is still there, etc.).
If the request appears invalid to Genesys Troubleshooting – TP Request issues
Release Release 8.0(2)
Associated CDETS # N/A

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