Genesys T-Server: Call variables not populated on UCCE after post routing dialog

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Call variables not populated on UCCE after post routing dialog.

Problem Summary A call placed to a UCCE route point that is Genesys controlled targets an agent or skill group but the data set in the Genesys system does not get transported to UCCE. (This can be confirmed either on a UCCE CTI-OS desktop, or in the TCD’s).

Note: Genesys can send call related variables to UCCE either in a ROUTE_SELECT_EVENT, or with a SET_CALL_DATA_REQ.

Error Message N/A.
Possible Cause
  • Incorrect T-Server variable map configuration.
Recommended Action

Check the UCCE CTI-Server log

Look at the ROUTE_SELECT_EVENT and the SET_CALL_DATA_REQ (if present) for the call in question.
Does either one contain a value or the variable(s) in question? (Note that on the ROUTE_SELECT_EVENT, containing the variable and having it blank is valid and nulls out any previous value).
If not proceed to (Genesys Troubleshooting - Call Data issues to UCCE)

If SET_CALL_DATA was present, was there a SET_CALL_DATA_CONF?

If not and there is a FAILURE_CONF follow UCCE troubleshooting steps to determine

the reason for failure of the request.

If the request was valid and should have succeeded proceed to troubleshoot UCCE
If the request was not valid proceed to (Genesys Troubleshooting – TP Request issues)
Release Release 8.0(2)
Associated CDETS # N/A

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