Genesys T-Server: Call to Genesys Enterprise with available agents does not go to UCCE

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Call to Genesys Enterprise with does not go to UCCE that has available agents.

Problem Summary A call is made into a Genesys Enterprise system. There are available agents on UCCE but the call does not go to UCCE but takes some other action (Typically gets queued).
Error Message N/A.
Possible Cause
  • Bad URS Strategy (Not really picking the UCCE peripheral).
  • T-Server not connected to CTI-Server.
  • Agent status not reaching the T-Server
Recommended Action

Check if T-Server is connected to UCCE?

(Check this in the Genesys Solution Control Interface for the respective T-Server)
If not proceed to (T-Server troubleshooting)

Check if agent availability is properly transitioned up to Genesys realtime

Refer to (Genesys real time statistics don’t reflect available agents on UCCE)
If availability is properly transition up to Genesys proceed to (Genesys troubleshooting).

Check CTI-Server logs for an AGENT_STATE_EVENT with an AS_AVAILABLE for the agent in question (Should be in all skill groups).

If not follow normal UCCE troubleshooting steps for no CTI agent available events.
If event(s) are present and look ok proceed to (Genesys Troubleshooting - Agent State issues)

Example of An agent state event:

16:55:05:596 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 4: MsgType:AGENT_STATE_EVENT (MonitorID:1 PeripheralID:5000 SessionID:0x0 PeripheralType:IPCC
16:55:05:596 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 4: Simplified SkillGroupState:AS_AVAILABLE StateDuration:0 SkillGroupNumber:1 SkillGroupID:5001
16:55:05:596 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 4: SkillGroupPriority:0 AgentState: AS_AVAILABLE EventReasonCode:0 MRDID:1 NumTasks:0
16:55:05:596 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 4: AgentMode:1 MaxTaskLimit:1 ICMAgentID:5002 AgentAvailabilityStatus:0 NumFltSkillGroups:0
16:55:05:596 cg1A-ctisvr SESSION 4: ClientSignature:"" AgentID:"1001" AgentExtension:"2301" AgentInstrument:"2301" )

Note that the SkillGroupState is what matters for agent availability generally.

Release Release 8.0(2)
Associated CDETS # N/A

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