Genesys T-Server:Not all UCCE call variables getting populated on Genesys desktop

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Not all UCCE call variables getting populated on Genesys desktop.

Problem Summary During call flows (not post-routing necessarily) not all UCCE call variables appear on the Genesys Desktop. The key phrase here is 'not all' implying the mechanism is working but some are missing.
Error Message N/A.
Possible Cause

Incorrect T-Server variable map configuration.

Recommended Action

Check T-Server variable mapping - If incorrect correct and retest.
Check CTI-Server logs to look at BEGIN_CALL_EVENTS, and CALL_DATA_UPDATE_EVENTs and confirm the variable(s) in question are being sent out the CTI-Link to Genesys.

If so proceed to troubleshoot Genesys
If not troubleshoot UCCE issue with call variables to determine why variables are not getting sent.
Release Release 8.0(2)
Associated CDETS # N/A

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