General Troubleshooting: "Java is Not a Recognized Program" Error

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== "Java is Not a Recognized Program" Error ==
== "Java is Not a Recognized Program" Error ==

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"Java is Not a Recognized Program" Error

Problem Summary "Java is not a recognized program" error message is displayed when trying to run the .bat files in the Unified CVP Server/admin directory ( or the .bat files in the application specific admin directory) after a Windows upgrade.
Error Message Java is not a recognized program
Possible Cause The environment variable containing the java install path was overwritten during the upgrade.
Recommended Action Possible Solution 1: (Reboot the machine.)

VXML Server requires the use of an environment variable that is created by the installer. In order for this environment variable to take effect, the machine must be rebooted. If the machine was not rebooted by the installer, reboot the machine manually. Before rebooting, close all running application and save any unsaved work.

Possible Solution 2: (Reset the Java Path system variable.)

1. From Start, select Programs > Administrative Tools > Computer Management.

2. From the Computer Management menu bar, select Action > Properties.

3. Select Advanced Tab > Environment Variables Settings.

4. In the System Variables Path, click Edit and add the path to where the java.exe file is installed.

Release Release 7.0(2)
Associated CDETS # None.

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